About An Anchored Hope


Welcome. I’m here to tell you stories. 

You won’t find how to articles here, because I’m not that good at anything except knitting and the last person I tried to teach was my husband a few weeks after we met and as it turns out, he wasn’t actually interested in knitting. There won’t be darling pictures of our Saturday trip to the zoo because the nearest zoo is some 500 miles away. And no recipes either, because I need to protect my trade secrets. 

You will, however, find stories. 

So let’s start with this one. An Anchored Hope. 

It’s from a verse in the Bible: “we have this hope as an anchor for the soul.” There are plenty of things in the Bible that might cause you to raise an eyebrow, but this has always struck me as the most contradictory. An anchor ties you down. Hope, as we all know, is a thing with wings. It sets you free. 

The two are inherently incompatible. 

Unless, of course, they aren’t. What would it be like to tie yourself to freedom?

I’m not sure. But that’s a story I would like to hear. 

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